Uganda: Two Die After House Collapses During Afternoon Downpour

Two people were killed yesterday after a shelter they were in collapsed on them during the afternoon downpour.

Police identified the deceased as Stella Jorobo and Albert Nkabahita, who were guests having a meeting at in the ill-fated structure.

The incident happened during a funeral service for former Prime Minister Apolo Nsibambi at the nearby St Paul’s Cathedral, Namirembe in Kampala.

Kampala metropolitan police spokesperson Patrick Onyango said the incident happened the duo were having coffee at Kaije Coffee, Fruits, Resturant and Lodge, when a wall adjacent to the cottages/coffee shop, collapsed on them.

He said the wall became weak due to heavy rain and collapsed.

Mr Onyango added that Namirembe Guest House did not collapse, but the wall adjacent to Kaije Cottages.

The Security minister, Gen Eli Tumwine, told this newspaper yesterday that he was called to the site at about 1pm by Mbarara Diocese Bishop Sheldon Mwesigwa, who was residing at the Namirembe Guesthouse, asking him to help for help following the incident.

“I dashed out of the church to come and see what had happened and immediately we deployed soldiers to rescue the victims,” Gen Tumwine said.

Too late

He said by the time the rescuers arrived, two people, a woman and a man, were already dead.

Gen Tumwine, quoting a worker at the guesthouse, said when it started raining, a waitress went to the grass-thatched restaurant to warn the victims about the impending danger and asked them to relocate to another building but that some of them did not heed to her warning.

One of the survivors, whom we could not readily identify, said the whole structure suddenly fell down on them.

He said he was saved by fridges that held back some of the rubble.


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