Uganda: 10-Year-Old Boy Dead, Scores Left Homeless After Heavy Downpour in Namutumba

A ten-year-old boy has died while several residents of Nabisaka village, Ivukula Sub-county in Namutumba District remain homeless, with others nursing injuries at various facilities following a heavy downpour on Sunday evening.

The rain, which is said to have started at around 5.30pm and lasted for over two hours, killed Ayub Nabudo, a Primary Three pupil and son to Mr Bagaga Nabudo of the same village.

Several residents from Mulama, Kiwanyi, Nabinyonyi, Nabisaka and Bulyowa Parishes are currently nursing wounds at Nsinze health centre IV and Namutumba health centre III.

Mr Nabudo said: “Before it started raining, we saw a rainbow; and once it disappeared, the ground started shaking strongly. This was not usual rain since it involved an earthquake.”

Mr Emmanuel Isiko, another resident, said: “This is the first time we have experienced such destructive rains and losing a life due to rain is as shocking as in an accident.”

The Ivukula Sub-county LC3 Chairperson, Mr Moses Kisame, said people whose houses were demolished have sought shelter in schools, churches and mosques.

“Affected families have camped in schools for safety while we try to assemble them at the Sub-county headquarters to give room to pupils to study,” he said.

The District Chairperson, Hajji Saleh Kumbuga, wondered why Namutumba is being hit by storms.

“Last week, heavy rains destroyed crops and displaced people in Bulange Sub-county; today, the same has happened in Ivukula [Sub-county],” he said.

Adding: “We have not yet resettled those whose houses were demolished in Bulange and now the burden has shifted. As district, we cannot handle this given the resource envelope we have and urge the Ministry of disaster preparedness to intervene.”


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Publish date : 2019-09-30 14:21:46

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