Uganda: Shun Fights With Opposition Members, Gen Muntu Tells His New Recruits

The national Coordinator for Alliance for National Transformation (ANT), Gen Mugisha Muntu has cautioned new party members not to engage in fights with other members of the opposition advising them to stick to party values.

“What I want to request you all new members who have joined our party is that don’t fight with other members of the Opposition even if they attack you. Just keep focused on building the party,” Gen Muntu said while meeting ANT district coordinators of Bundibugyo and Ntoroko on Wednesday in Bundibugyo town.

Gen Muntu said ANT party is now new hope for all other members in the country who need to be liberated. However, fights with members of other Opposition group may scare away prospective ANT members, according to Gen Muntu.

He said although their fight is to eject President Museveni who has been in power for over three decades, their main objective is to build democracy in Uganda.

“If we don’t build democracy in this organization (ANT) we can’t take over President Museveni. We have to spend time focusing on building party structures and leadership will emerge from the process we are putting in place,” Gen Muntu said.

Gen Muntu added that the party will hold its first delegates’ conference in June this year where they will select party leaders and presidential flag bearer who will run for presidential elections.

“However, we will also be open to join other parties for a coalition to select the presidential candidate,” he said.

He condemned police for blocking meetings of other members of the Opposition saying that police are partly to blame for causing confusion among dissenting voices.

“We need to be careful. When some of us were still in Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), police used the same tactics of blocking meetings but now when we (ANT) ask for permission to hold a rally, they allow us while on the other hand block those of Dr Kizza Besigye. This is because they (police) are trying to create fights between the Opposition sides,” Gen Muntu said.


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Publish date : 2020-01-24 13:25:45

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