Uganda: Panic as Machete-Wielding Thugs Threaten to Strike Eastern Uganda

Tension is high amongst residents of Bukatikoko, Bukaligwoko villages in Mugiti Sub-county, eastern Uganda, where residents are in fear following threats of attacks by machete-wielding thugs.

This comes after threatening anonymous letters were last week dropped in the area by unknown people.

Mr Mohamad Mboizi, the councillor representing Mugiti sub-county said: “Security must not take this as the two sub counties have one police station with few officers.”

Following these threats, the police immediately convened a community security meeting where they resolved on a number of issues to be implemented to contain the situation, including strict curfew enforcement.

In some of their notices, assailants said they “expect president Museveni to send condolences to the bereaved families”

The Budaka Resident District Commissioner (RDC), Mr Tom Chesol said that the police is ready to thwart any subversive activity.

“We are also establishing circumstances under which these letters were dropped in those areas. We are aware that there are conflicts within the local leadership of Mugit Sub-county over the past elections,” Mr Chesol said.

He however, challenged the locals to be calm and vigilant.

The Kibuku LC5 chairman, Mr Mohammed Nakeba warned people attempting to ‘import’ insecurity in the district by dropping threatening letters.

“We hear that some of our people are in fear. Those [people] behind these threatening letters will be dealt with because the district has been peaceful,” Mr Nakeba warned.

President Museveni on Friday assured the country in a televised address “that no one would disrupt Uganda”- following a wave of deadly attacks that claimed over 25 lives in Masaka Sub-region.


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Author : Monitor

Publish date : 2021-10-03 14:56:51

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