Uganda: TV Presenter Issues Apology Over Leaked Nudes

The saying goes, ‘Love is like war; easy to begin but hard to end’.

And no one has, perhaps, experienced this in recent times than NTV Uganda journalist Anne Nakawombe alias Annie Nixon, after her nude photos went viral on social media, an ordeal she blames on her ex-lover Edgar Luvusi.

The journalist, who produces the Beat and Dance Party show, has, in a lengthy social media, claims Luvusi, who doubles up as the father of her child, has in the past threatened to ‘ruin’ her life after she left him on infidelity and violent grounds.


— Annie Nixon (@amforeverannie1) October 2, 2021

These nudes have been ‘flying’ over social media for the past few days but Nairobi News cannot publish them for legal and moral reasons.

“I have been made aware that my ex-fiancé, father of my son, a one Edgar Luvusi has released intimate pictures of me taken during our private times while I was asleep when we were still dating,” the journalist explained in a lengthy statement on social media.

“In what appears to be a calculated evil move to fulfill his two yearlong threats to ‘Ruin me’ for ending the relationship over violence and infidelity, he deliberately spread the images to his friends.”

In the photos, Anne is seen lying on a bed, with most parts of her body exposed on camera.

The journalist has also apologized to her friends, family, and employer.

The incident has sparked mixed reactions on Twitter with many sending through supportive messages.

Edgar is yet to publicly comment on the matter.

Men we can do better. Honestly this is uncalled for and extremely irresponsible when you get sober (I wish he thought about his son before doing this). A revange that embarrasses you as well should never be considered as option. Think harder

— V8 (@KnowellRamsey) October 2, 2021

Sorry dia.We love you so much.

— ANDREW K AGABA (@AndrewAGABA20) October 2, 2021

Dear Annie, such people do exist but when you’re a good person so do the blessings, forgive the father of your child, be positive, stay happy, and by the way sometimes being alone is the upgrade just move on with your child and leave Dad in confusion!

— Rogers Ishimwe (@Ishimwe_Rogers1) October 2, 2021


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Author : Nairobi News

Publish date : 2021-10-05 05:47:42

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