Uganda: Police Develop Software to Monitor Fuel, Criminal Files

The police ICT directorate has developed three application software to monitor fuel consumption of all their cars, exhibits in their stores, and backing up of criminal case files in soft copies.

The police have been facing accountability challenges while monitoring fuel consumption, keeping exhibits and criminal case files.

Mr Allan Rugayampuzi, the directorate spokesperson, yesterday said in the fleet management system, gadgets will be installed in all police vehicles to monitor their movement and the fuel consumption.

Several Auditor General reports have questioned the Force’s use of fuel, which they point to corruption.

The police have a fleet of 9,226 vehicles and each is required to use at least 10 litres of fuel per day , which translates to Shs133b, but the government gives them Shs46b.

The system is one of the software developed by the Police Research, Development and Innovation Centre at Kikandwa, Wakiso District.

The centre also developed a digital traffic Express Penalty Scheme ticketing system that reduced middlemen and corruption.

Application for exhibits, case files

Mr Rugayampuzi said the digital Crime Records Management System and Inventories system that allow keeping criminal case files and exhibit management, will be unveiled before the police advisory committee for approval.

“The application software system will do away with issues of loss of physical files. We shall have back up of all the files in that if a physical file is lost, a copy can be retrieved,” he said.

Mr Ruganyampuzi said the system they developed for the police human resource and management directorate has helped them streamline the nominal roll.

“We used to have cases where officers would miss salary and officers retiring and they continue to receive salary. The application software developed by our officers has solved those problems,” he said, adding that they can now know the progress of each officer digitally.


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Publish date : 2021-10-11 12:13:06

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