Uganda: Video – We Need a Successor – Pastor Tells Museveni

Pastor John Bunjo of Christian Restoration Ministries International has asked president Museveni “to name a successor because time is due.”

Speaking During the National Prayer Breakfast Meeting, Eastern Uganda Chapter organised by Mbale Elders’ fellowship, Pastor Bunjo said close to 40 years of Mr Museveni at the helm of Uganda is a sign of “winding up in the Bible and he should think of transition.”

VIDEO: “Today we want men who speak the truth. The truth is that there’s tribalism. They gave us Uganda, good hospitals and by the time the British left, they handed over things which we’ve now spoilt,” Pastor John Bunjo


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– Daily Monitor (@DailyMonitor) October 8, 2021

“It is a sign of winding up an old generation and bringing in a new generation, “he said, adding that “there many mafias around him who pull here and there to remain there.”

“We need a successor- a successor who will not take the country backwards,” Pr Bunjo urged before he decried tribalism.

“It’s why the jobs that should have been given to our children are given to somebody because he is a district leader. Going forward, we must be a Uganda united with purpose. We must fight tribalism,” he remarked at the event in Mbale City, a day before Uganda’s 59th Independence day.

VIDEO: “@KagutaMuseveni will be making 40 years in power.I wonder what he ate… We need a successor,” Pastor John Bunjo of Christian Restoration Ministries International preaching at the national prayer breakfast in Mbale City#MonitorUpdates

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– Daily Monitor (@DailyMonitor) October 8, 2021

Reverend Canon Titus Nelson kutosi, the regional chair of Inter Religious Council called for patriotism amongst Ugandans.

“We must focus on welfare of our people and be responsible. The problem we having is that we have left matters and we blame the leaders, we must help our people to know to love their country,” he said.

He attributed tribalism to greed.

“We must have participatory leadership to stop secretarianism,” he noted.

Hoima City woman MP, Violet Kabasindi Kiberu who represented Vice President Jessica Alupo said: “We have the Private Sector Uganda Foundation, let us try to find out these things. Kindly ensure that sorrows is removed and we must eliminate tribalism.”

Mr Museveni,77, has been president since 1986, winning a 5-year electoral term in 2021 that will see him extend his rule to 40 years.


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