Uganda: Kabuleta Rolls Out Economic Campaign

Former Independent presidential candidate Joseph Kabuleta has rolled out a countrywide campaign with an economic growth message dubbed, National Economic Empowerment Dialogue (NEED).

Mr Kabuleta said the campaign aims at encouraging Ugandans to demand and restore their lost property such as land and mineral deposits.

The campaign started this week with the identified regional coordinators recruiting members for the upcoming meetings which will start next month in all districts.

“The regional dialogues are starting in a month’s time from the time the regional leaders started the recruiting exercise. We have given to the regional leaders to start their work and then we shall go on with the workshops but the exercise is on since we launched the political group,” Mr Kabuleta said on Sunday.

Last week, he launched the political pressure group, saying it seeks to have members from across the political divide on the roundtable. This will be after selecting two members from each of the 17 sub-regions who will work as coordinators.

Steering committee

The pressure group also formed a steering committee that will start moving across the country next week.

Mr Kabuleta said the committee will be equipped with a message that resonates with the common person.

“The pressure group also looks to address the issues of land grabbing, loss of property in form of minerals as well as improving per capita income at the household level…,” he said.

Asked whether he has intentions of transforming this pressure group into a political party, Mr Kabuleta said:”We shall not form a political party for now.”

When Mr Kabuleta announced his intention to contest for president in the 2021 General Election, he said his primary objective was to get Ugandans out of poverty through financial liberation.

Data from the 2016/2017 National Household Survey indicates that 21.4 percent of Ugandans are poor, corresponding to nearly eight million persons.

Mr Asuman Odaka, a former candidate of Tororo Municipality, who contested under the Justice Forum, is one of the steering committee members.

He said this platform will help those who failed to go through to remain relevant in the political space.

“After elections, we who don’t go through are always forgotten, but this platform will help me to continue explaining to my people my agenda even after elections. This will help the country,” Mr Odaka said.


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Publish date : 2021-10-13 08:21:28

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