Uganda: Six People Drowned in the Last Week in Acholi – Police

Police in Aswa River Region have registered an increase in death by drowning after six fatalities were posted last week especially in Acholi Sub-region.

“We have so far received six cases of death arising from drowning in just a period of one week which has become a matter of community concerns,” David Ongom Mudong, the Aswa River Region police spokesperson said.

The latest incident was reported Monday at Gulu Central Police Station under DEF 14/2021 where a 12-year juvenile identified as Isaac Mugisha drowned at River Aswa on Sunday.

It is alleged that the deceased and 4 other juveniles went swimming in the river in the village of Awalaboro.

Mugisha drowned in the river but the 4 juveniles survived without any injury.

Mr Alex Ojera,55, and Fabin Mugisha,24, drowned at Aguru Stream and Dog-Aswa in Lungulu Sub-county in Nwoya District respectively.

The matters were reported at Nwoya Central Police Station under CRB 709/2021 and CRB 710/2021 accordingly.

Another person only identified as Sam, a casual Labourer also drowned in a dam at Yoke Village, Lukung Sub-county in Lamwo District on Sunday when he allegedly went to bathe while drunk.

Ms Acan Kitina, 68, and her daughter Patricia Aber also drowned while they were crossing Tyen-Kite River at around 8:00am on Sunday- while they were going to harvest millet from the garden across the river.

David Ongom Mudong, the Aswa River Region police spokesperson said: “We have realized that most of the victims of drowning are basically the children who go for swimming while the old people are those who try to cross water bodies while drunk.”

“Parents should not leave their children unattended to while swimming,” Mudong urged.

He added: “We have put strict measures in carrying out post-mortem on bodies of all victims of drowning to counter possibility of sabotage by wrong elements.”

According to the Police Publicity, the current heavy rainfall across the region has filled up various seasonal rivers and swamps including water ponds and streams that have emerged in surroundings.


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Publish date : 2021-10-13 08:21:21

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