Kagame Blasts Uganda at the Wedding of Rwigyema’s Daughter

Teta Gisa, the daughter of fallen Rwandan hero, Maj Gen Fred Rwigema, has this Saturday, Nov 6, married her fiancee, Mervin Manzi.

The couple held a colourful reception in Kigali, Rwanda which was graced by President Paul Kagame and his wife, Jeanette.

Rwigyema’s widow, Jeanette, congratulated the couple upon their decision to get married.

She also thanked Kagame and his wife for gracing the ceremony.

Manzi is a technology officer at Volkswagen Mobility Solutions, Rwanda.

Teta works with Rwanda’s Foreign Affairs Ministry.

On his part, Kagame said Rwigyema’s son shouldn’t be a refugee yet his late dad fought for the liberation of Rwanda.

Kagame speaking at the ceremony

Kagame is said to have been referring to Eric Gisa Jr.

It remains unclear why Eric chose to avoid Rwanda or why he prefers to stay in Uganda whenever he travels to East Africa.

During his speech, Kagame lashed at a “neighbouring country” that is misleading Rwigyema’s son – a veiled reference to Uganda.

Kagame and Jeanette graced the event

“Teta is our child. Like many other of our children and specifically because she’s Fred’s daughter and Kimonyi’s grandchild,” said Kagame.

“Fred and I and our families date from way back…Nshungyeezi, Toro and so on. Fred’s mother here bears testimony. I am concerned and I am sending  you Teta, your mother Jeanette and perhaps your grandmother, I have not seen at this wedding, Fred’s son,” he added.

“He’s supposed to be here…in the country. A country that his father and others fought so hard to liberate and indeed liberated. Deliver my message to your brother that I don’t want and don’t like that Fred’s son is a refugee.”

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Kagame thanked Teta for “staying here and having a home here. She went away for studies  and came back. Jeanette, no matter what it takes, Fred’s son has got to be here. He has to return to the country in whatever way.”

Neighbouring country

The better part of Kagame’s speech focused on the “neighbouring country” that mistakenly believes it created Rwanda.

“It’s not right that when he (Eric Gisa) comes he runs to neighbours. I am saying this because those neighbours have involved themselves in our lives, our  wellbeing, our country, from way back until today. They don’t understand. I don’t want anyone giving a bad name to my family or Fred’s.”

Uganda’s relations with Rwanda have been strained over the last few years.

Both countries have traded counter accusations of supporting rival armed movements in the region.

Rwandans are currently barred from crossing to Uganda via the common border while Ugandan goods are not allowed on Rwandan market.

Kagame said he had “kept quiet for a long time. I pick my battles carefully. A lot has been said. It is not right. I have had enough time to talk about these matters with the concerned leaders and whatever I am telling you is what I have told them – that we can only be guided by God not humans.”

He added: “We fought as Rwandans. We went to war to liberate this country without anyone’s help. It’s not acceptable that anyone that is not Rwandan will show and tell us what to do. It’s simply unacceptable.”

Kagame has previously accused Uganda of meddling in Rwanda’s internal affairs, claims Uganda has dismissed as diversionary. 

It remains unclear why Kagame says RPF liberated Rwanda without anyone’s support yet the rebel movement looted Uganda’s armouries before starting the war on Juvenal Habyarimana’s regime.

Uganda also served as a rear bases for RPF to transport guns, ammunition, food and medicine for fighters.

Wounded RPF guerrillas were always treated from Ugandan hospitals.

ChimpReports also understands that the capture of Kigali in 1994 was fully supported by experienced Ugandan commanders with heavy artillery.

“And that’s why I am sending you Teta…like I did when your brother had finished high school. There’s a lot that was being said and talked and I stepped back from it. And I am emphasizing this because if the Rwandan families are not okay, the country will not be okay.”

There was stone silence as Kagame spoke for almost 30 minutes. 

Some of Rwigyema’s family members have since accused Kagame’s government of trying to downplay Rwigyema’s contribution to the liberation struggle. 

“But pardon me for spending time talking about politics but that’s my job,” said Kagame as he concluded his speech.

“But we love you. We are here because we love you as our children. We shall find for you  something within our means. We shall find time and do something. Thank you Jeanette… Leave the talking and the politics to me. Fred’s mother, I am happy to see you. It has been a while without seeing you and Jeanette and Teta too.”

Rwigyema died at the age of 33, leaving behind Janette and very young children.


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