Zimbabwe: Committee to Advance Green Tourism in Vic Falls Elected

In celebration of the World Environment Day 2019, a new environmentally-focused committee has been introduced at Ilala Lodge Hotel to advance sustainable tourism practices in Victoria Falls.

The Green Team of Ilala Lodge Hotel endeavours to address and implement environmentally-conscious initiatives. The committee is headed-up by Tapiwa Masawi and Amy Clements and includes a member of staff from each department at Ilala Lodge Hotel.

“The Green Team committee aims to deliver practical solutions towards more environmentally-friendly practices. We have kick-started the initiative by presenting a sustainable Waste Management Plan at Greenline Africa and Victoria Falls Municipality’s monthly meeting held on the 4th June 2019,” said Amy Clements.

Ilala Lodge Hotel has been recognised as a Silver member of the Green Tourism certification programme since 2016, which identifies the commitment of tourism businesses that actively work to become more sustainable.

“As a Green Tourism Silver member, we are committed to being as ‘eco-friendly’ as possible in an effort to preserve and protect our surroundings. By establishing a team of employees passionate about their environment, we hope this takes us a step closer to reaching our ultimate goal of the Green Tourism Gold membership!” added Amy.

In addition to the production of a new Waste Management Plant, Ilala’s Green Team plays an active role in the Victoria Falls Recycling Project, working with a number of local entities to ensure correct disposal of waste and recycled goods.

Tasked with encouraging environmental awareness to all employees, Tapiwa Masawi said, “We look forward to inspiring recycling practices not only within the hotel, but also as an organisational culture. It is our hope that employees of Ilala Lodge Hotel will be conscious of our sustainable procedures while at work, and also carry these over into their personal lives.”

The new committee will also take part in the National Clean-up Day, held on the first Friday of each month, and will participate in the Lantana Camara clearing campaign which seeks to eradicate the poisonous vegetation species causing detrimental effects to native plants and local wildlife in Victoria Falls.

Ilala Lodge Hotel has been awarded the Green Tourism Silver membership for taking environmental considerations into account and acting in a practical manner to tackle issues relating to energy efficiency, water usage and mindful waste reduction.


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