Zimbabwe: Govt Explains Vaccine Myths Against Delta Variant

The government of Zimbabwe through the Ministry of Health and Child Care(MoHCC) has explained how fully vaccinated persons can still get infected by the COVID-19 virus if they do not practice caution and that the vaccines remain effective against the new Delta variant.

Contrary to unsubstantiated claims by some sections of society that the vaccines were ineffective against the Delta variant, authorities has dispelled these notions but however warned that being fully vaccinated did not mean that one cannot get infected.

“Vaccines do offer protection against severe disease by the Delta variant; possible reduced protection against symptomatic disease and infection. Protection offered against severe disease also means protection against hospitalization and significantly reduced risk of deaths,” reads the fact sheet produced by the MoHCC’s Health Promotion Unit with the support of World Health Organisation (WHO) Zimbabwe.

“A person who is fully vaccinated may still get infected, and get mild or moderate disease and they need to protect themselves from the disease,”

“A person who is fully vaccinated may also get the virus even though they may not get the disease. Whether they get the disease or not the presence of virus in them may pose a hazard to other unprotected persons around them if they do not practice public health and social measures,” reads the fact sheet.

Furthermore, the government discouraged steaming as a way to manage COVID-19.

“Steaming is not a recommended method to manage COVID-19. However, you are free to do whatever you believe makes you feel better. You can use remedies such as paracetamol for fever or pain. Make sure you eat a balanced diet and drink enough fluids,” read the statement.

This comes after many people have resorted to traditional methods of treating flu-like symptoms to cure COVID-19 such as steaming Zumbani.

According to the fact sheet, the delta variant has shown to have increased transmissibility while more studies are still under way to determine whether it causes more severe disease (virulent) or has any impact on public health and social measures (PHSM).

“Currently the symptoms and signs of the Delta Variant are not that different from other known variants that cause COVID-19 such as fever, cough, tiredness, runny nose, sore throat, diarrhea, headache, loss of taste or smell, difficulty breathing or shortness of breath, chest pain or pressure,” read the fact sheet.

As of 6th July 2021, the Delta variant had been reported in 104 countries worldwide including Zimbabwe.


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