Zimbabwe: Petrotrade Chairperson Chinyoka Denies Harbouring Political Ambitions

Petrotrade chairperson Tinomudaishe Chinyoka says has no interest in contesting any seat in Mberengwa, his rural home.

Mberengwa has four National Assembly constituencies.

Chinyoka has been undertaking developmental projects around the districts, prompting speculation he was eyeing one of the constituencies.

But he dispelled the reports in an interview with NewZimbabwe.com Sunday.

“Mberengwa is fortunate to have four Zanu PF MPs and when l have spoken to local leadership, what l hear is that people are generally satisfied with their MPs. There are no vacancies to eye, and yet a lot of things we can do without eyeing anything in return,” he said, adding he harbours no political ambitions.

“Isn’t it hilarious when people see beyond what is there? l am eyeing building schools, clinics, dams and Diptanks. I am eyeing myself building three brand new secondary schools where none existed before, at Mawani, Gwengwena and Vumukwana. I am eyeing myself building two brand new primary schools where none existed before, at Chamawanga and Manatsa, near Vanguard Mine. I am eyeing an ECD Block each at Vumukwana Primary and at Chomubhobho Primary, and new classroom blocks at Dambashoko Primary and Ivhukuvanhu Primary. I am eyeing a new Diptank at Magavakava and possibly Rupange, and Weir Dams at Chikobvu, Chinyunyume, Ragonya, Chavasikana and Vutika. I am eyeing a clinic at Magavakava,” he said.

“In fact, l also have pending projects in Mberengwa South constituency and in Mberengwa East, some of which will commence shortly. It would be impossible for one person to be eyeing three parliamentary seats, wouldn’t it? The only thing l am eyeing is developing the land of my forefathers and, to the extent that that dovetails with President Mnangagwa’s Vision 2030, working towards that in our little corner of the country.”

“Those that worry about politics can do the eyeing of parliamentary seats for the rest of us I suppose. There are no vacancies, so nothing to eye. In fact, l will be approaching the sitting MPs to officially open these projects when omplete, I know that my MP is very supportive of my projects and has not tried to frustrate them. Which he would if he thought they were a danger to his job. In fact, certain overzealous supporters of the MP have been told, by him, to ensure that they don’t do anything to interfere with the projects. I have a very good working relationship with my MP, and he has been to my office several times discussing how best we can support the area. That is the maturity you expect from people who know what matters most: the people,” he said.

Chinyoka also claimed he was inspired to undertake the development projects by President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

“l was inspired by President Mnangagwa’s desire to bring about a middle-income economy and standard of living to Zimbabwe by 2030. Second, having grown up in Mberengwa, I know first-hand how hard life can be, and that education is the one ticket most people have out of poverty. That is why most of my projects are in education, building new schools, expanding existing schools, giving scholarships to deserving children and providing other education support services. There is a Shona phrase: “tisu vanhu vacho”, which l think best explains why l felt the push to do these projects. If I (as a person whose forefathers called Mberengwa home), didn’t step up, who would? Surely not someone from outside,” he said.


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Author : New Zimbabwe

Publish date : 2021-10-04 10:04:46

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