Podcast: Who are Africa’s climate superstars?

Welcome to the latest episode of the Africa Science Focus podcast distributed in partnership with African Arguments. Africa Science Focus is a weekly podcast series by SciDevNet and is a platform for reporters in Sub-Saharan Africa’s least developed countries to report on the science that’s having an impact on their communities.

Climate change is already hitting Africa hard – from extreme weather events, to locust plagues, and failed harvests. But, international research and policy bodies, and ‘hot lists’ of influential climate scientists, rarely include African scientists. With United Nations climate talks set to take place in the United Kingdom in November, Selly Amutabi and Michael Kaloki ask whether African science can influence these critical international negotiations. We find out which climate scientists and activists the world should be watching, and why climate adaptation and mitigation depends on African science.

This programme was funded by the European Journalism Centre, through the European Development Journalism Grants programme, with support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.



Source link : https://africanarguments.org/2021/06/podcast-who-are-africas-climate-superstars/

Author : SciDevNet

Publish date : 2021-06-24 09:43:04

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