Herd of HIPPOS invades rugby pitch in South Africa — RT Sport News

There were some heavyweight arrivals to the ranks of Letaba Rugby Club in South Africa this week as a group of hippos made their way onto the team’s pitch.

Footage of at least half a dozen of the lumbering semiaquatic mammals – whose bulk would be the envy of any rugby team’s pack – was shared by news outlet Far North Bulletin, and subsequently did the rounds on social media.

The animals – who weigh up to around 3,900lb (1,800kg) for males – reportedly made their way onto the field to graze after players had just finished a training session.

The team’s pitch lies not far from the Letaba River, and it is reportedly not uncommon for the animals to wander in the area, especially after sunset.


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Publish date : 2019-06-01 12:46:00

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