Kenya: Players’ Rights Being Trampled Upon, but No One Seems to Care!

Last week, we were frustrated about the tussle between Football Kenya Federation (FKF) and Gor Mahia over the injury and treatment of Philemon Otieno.

He plays for K’Ogalo but was allegedly injured while honouring a call of national duty.

Gor Mahia feel it is the duty of FKF to settle the Sh300,000 bill for his knee operation.

On this score, the indefatigable K’Ogalo chief executive officer Ludovick Aduda has been insistent on some article 9 of god-knows-what constitution to push the case to FKF.

On the other hand, FKF chief executive officer Barry Otieno, whom I have the misfortune of respecting, has shifted the blame back to Gor.

Aduda claims he wrote a letter on the same which Otieno has not replied to.

Well, we are used to this from sporting authorities, but we must note that this player’s career is hanging in the balance and his talent — which is the only source of livelihood — is threatened. His rights are being trampled upon and nobody seems to see this!

On the other hand, there is the sad case of Shafiq Batambuze who also got injured while playing for Gor. In this case, “super” Aduda has other explanations and since we heard him clearly in some radio interview, we can quote him verbatim: “It is our responsibility to treat Batambuze, but it is also in the open the club is facing financial challenges and we cannot deny or run away from such a responsibility,”

“(Batambuze) got injured while playing against Aigle Noir but our financial challenges as at now cannot help matters.”

For Otieno, it was the FKF that was in the wrong but for Batambuze, Aduda has solved it by saying “it is in the open the club is facing financial challenges!”

Batambuze needs some Sh400,000 for the treatment of his left knee and it was very painful to us to watch the player on some television station begging Kenyans and Gor fans to save him from this plight!

The financial challenges notwithstanding, we must chide the Adudas of this country. They must be aware that players are the main components of the club, and must be taken care of properly if the team even needs to prosper. It is a shame that in a country where even mama mboga self-help groups have insurance for the members, including for coffins and burials, a big team like Gor leaves injured players to rot and fade away.

FKF, of course, is a bottomless pit… a deep latrine that needs no further criticism. We need not waste time with them as we expect nothing at all.

If running football in this country is so hard, we need not have the Adudas in it. Let them just ship out and leave these clubs to die. There is no need to prolong a situation in which we blush! Ecrasez l’infame!


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Publish date : 2019-09-30 13:52:15

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