Doctors share one medical fact they wish everyone knew

By Vuyolwethu Fundam 46m ago

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We’re likely aware of some of the facts presented in this Reddit thread, perhaps hearing them from healthcare professionals may encourage us to take them more seriously.

A Reddit user, u/MakingSomething2, asked the question: “Doctors and medical professionals of Reddit, what one medical fact do you wish everybody knew?”

We selected five from the long thread:

Vaccines are safe and save lives

Vaccines don’t cause autism; nor do they contain elemental aluminum or mercury. – u/KyleRichXV

Your immune system is one of the greatest assets you have

In your life, your body will autonomously eradicate between 6 and 10 cancers without you even realising it. It will fight your infections, repair micro-traumas, and police the entire population of billions of cells in your body without your asking. All it requests in return is a little bit of health to preserve it.

Stop smoking, maintain a healthy weight. Maybe exercise a little. Don’t drink so much. Your diet is so much more important than you realise. – u/cousinbebop

It’s more effective to prevent cancer than it is to treat it

It’s significantly more effective to prevent cancer than it is to treat it, but the world isn’t interested because most people just want a pill to fix their problems.

Don’t smoke. Wear sunscreen. Don’t drink excessively. Get a bit of exercise and eat some goddamn vegetables. Do those and bam! huge drop in cancer risk, but nobody wants to hear it. – u/noobwithboobs

Mental illness is real

Mental illness can be as serious as a physical one. Get treated. You wouldn’t ignore a broken leg. – u/Autumnx

You can have an STI with no symptoms

If you’re sexually active, go for STI (stexually Transmitted infection) testing once or twice a year. HIV can take up to six months to show, and it’s possible to have an STI with no symptoms. – u/chromosomechick


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