Nigeria: Dare Gives Conditions for Restoration of National Sports Commission

Abuja — Sports Minister, Mr. Sunday Dare, has tabled conditions that must be fulfilled before the National Sports Commission (NSC) can return.

He served the conditions yesterday during the public hearing for the Bill to return the National Sports Commission by the Senate Sports Committee.

While declaring his support for the return of the NSC, he said the revived sports commission must benchmark what obtains in other parts of the world.

He added that another option is to amend the existing Decree 34 of 1971 which is still subsisting in addition to passing a new Bill to give it Constitutional backing.

“Let me thank the chairman of the Senate Committee on Youth and Sports and all the Committee members on behalf of all sports loving Nigerians for undertaking this public hearing.

“It demonstrates your interest in the development of sports in our country. But beyond that interest is the commitment to see that necessary actions and legislations are in place to guide sports development in Nigeria.

“Amending the existing Decree 34 of 1971 which is still subsisting or promising a new bill are possible options,” Dare stressed.

He also added that any nation that intends to develop sports must see it as a big business.

The minister said sports as business policy and orientation opens the doors for investments from the organised private sector, adding governments are not longer the sole investors in sports development.

“Private sector participation drives sports, rewards athletes, creates jobs, drives manufacturing, generated revenue and contributes to the GDP.

“At the ministry, we have in the past 18 months been busy working with

critical stakeholders to deliver a New Sports Industry Policy (NSIP), that will change the face and fundamentals of our sports development.

“It is an attempt to build a business model around sports in Nigeria so that like we have in North America, Europe, South Africa and other climes, Nigeria’s sports development can be driven by both government and private funds”.

On re-classification of sports, he affirmed that the Sports Ministry has successfully secured the re-classification of sports from being a mere recreation to business.

He said President Muhammadu Buhari in Council has approved this reclassification of sports as a business in Nigeria, adding in principle, the policy that will drive this will soon be ready as it is in its final stages.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of Sports Writers’ Association of Nigeria (SWAN) FCT chapter, Mr Bunmi Haruna has called for the inclusion of the body on NSC board.

He stated this in his presentation at the Senate Committee on Sports public hearing on the bill seeking to establish the National Sports Commission and the Federal Sports University, Nkalagu, Ebonyi State.

“Those who should have a say in sports should be part of the National Sports Commission, NSC. Hence, the Sports Writers Association of Nigeria (SWAN) should be included in the board,” Haruna said.

“The importance of the NSC is such that we cannot resort to not include the body that acts as a bridge between the sportsmen, administrators, the people and invariably the private sector in it. Sports is business and SWAN is the vehicle on which it is sold, so neglecting SWAN in the composition of the NSC is omitting an important part of the commission.

He also believes it is of great importance to smoothen the relationship between the director general of the commission and minister of Sports to foster better working atmosphere between both parties.

“We also observe that the power tussle between the Minister and the Director General, NSC was largely responsible for the scraping of the commission the last time.

“So there is great need for a clear demarcation of the duties of these principal officers in the new look NSC.”


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Publish date : 2021-07-09 06:44:21

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