Gambia: Wrestler Serign Njie Alias Gaindeh Dies

The Gambia Wrestling Association (GWA) has announced the demise of iconic wrestler Serign Njie who goes by his wrestling sobriquet as “Gaindeh”.

Serign Njie who was in Kebba Jome wrestling club is said to have passed away on Sunday following a brief illness at Kaur in the Central River Region.

Sering Modou Faye, president of The Gambia Wrestling Association described his death as a great loss to Gambian Wrestling.

“This news is devastating and unbelievable. He died at a very young age and at the peak of his career,” he added.

According to President Faye, Serign Njie was a very humble and down to earth man, adding that Gaindeh as he was fondly called was one of the few wrestlers practicing the traditional style of wrestling called “Roffo”.

He finally said that Gaindeh’s demise is a great loss to the wrestling fraternity in the country.

The body of Serign Njie was laid to rest on Monday morning in Kaur, Central River Region.


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Author : The Point

Publish date : 2021-09-30 08:15:19

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