DA MP slams ANC for protecting Mkhize on Digital Vibes scandal

The MP was talking about a previous committee meeting when ANC members refused to have a sitting to discuss the Digital Vibes matter saying it was sub judice. It was later found that this was not the case as the matter was still being investigated by the SIU.

“With the publication of the SIU report, it is absolutely clear to us that we, because of the majority that is held by the governing party in this committee, we failed in our duty because we had an opportunity to pose direct questions to the former minister but we didn’t do that because we were blocked from doing that.

“Members of this committee must hang their heads in shame because not only did they block accountability but they failed the people of SA,” she said.

Her sentiments were shared by her colleague Haseenabanu Ismail, who said: “There were times when we had to fight with the former chairperson [Dr Sibongiseni Dhlomo] to say actually have the department give us more reports on the vaccine rollout and only after a lot of nagging did we get more meetings with the minister.”

The ACDP’s Marie Sukers joined in, saying there was a clear culture of impunity that exists within the Department of Health.

“It is our job to hold the executive accountable. The responses we received from the Department of Health, not only in relation to Digital Vibes, but also in the handling of the Covid-19 response in general.”

Sukers said there was a “disrespect and disregard for committee in general and we have officials and the executive that deliberately avoids answering questions and so we have the theatre of politics when we are dealing with a matter that affects millions of people. This is our country and it bleeds in our watch.”

But the ANC’s Mxolisa Sokatsha and Tshilidzi Munyai denied this saying they did not block the sitting.

Sokatsha said: “Our understanding as ANC members was that the SIU was still busy with investigating the matter and that is why we are meeting today because we have a full-fledged report, so it is malicious for the member to say that we blocked the report. I do not think that is correct.”

Munyai agreed with Sokatsha, saying: “There are some political parties who are parading as anti-corruption activists, yet they are campaigning around the alleged corruption claiming that the ANC was blocking the report … Using this report to attack the governing party, this is a sheer act of populism …” 

Munyai was one of the MPs who told parliament that it would be improper for the committee to discuss the matter because it was under investigation.


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Publish date : 2021-10-01 19:40:35

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