Zimbabwe: Wasmuth Excited About the Future

FORMER motocross rider, Regan Wasmuth, says he will continue to cherish the time he spent on the race track.

This follows his early retirement from the sport.

The 20-year-old quit racing, after the 2020 Zimbabwe Summer Series, and is now looking at pursuing other interests.

Wasmuth said it was not an easy decision, after spending most of his time on the race track, having joined the sport at a young age.

“I stopped racing after the Zimbabwe Summer Series in December 2020,” he said.

“My retirement came after making the tough decision to stop racing and start my life.

“I decided to make the change of going to work on the yachts overseas.

“I will be going overseas, preferably to France.

“From there, I will find a job on the yachts and start the next chapter of my life.”

Wasmuth won several competitions locally and had a promising future but now wants to travel around the world.

“Honestly, it could be anywhere, we will be travelling all over the world so I wouldn’t necessarily be staying in one place,” said Wasmuth.

He was one of the top motocross riders in this country and, at some point, shifted his base to South Africa, where he featured in national and regional championships, under a French racing team, EHR Racing France.

“My best memories would most definitely be winning the South African National Championship in 2010, along with winning the Motocross of African Nations in 2010, and 2018.

“I will never forget the relationships I built with all of my sponsors, as well as other people who helped me along the way, and all my friends, throughout the 16 years,” said Wasmuth.

He, however, did not rule out a possible return onto the track, in future.

“I rode at Donnybrook two weeks ago, for the first time, in 10 months.

“There’s always a possibility for a return, motocross is my life,” he said.

Wasmuth started racing at a young age and graduated from the juniors, to the demanding seniors MX2 and MX1 classes, in 2018.

He had competed in different junior classes.


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Author : The Herald

Publish date : 2021-10-12 08:46:49

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