Elections 2021: ‘Help us ANC, stop betraying us,’ elderly woman tells Mabuza

Deputy President David Mabuza said the ANC will overcome the problems they have. Photo by Christopher Moagi

  • ANC deputy president David Mabuza campaigned in QwaQwa in the Free State on Wednesday.
  • Mabuza told residents of the Free State not to abandon the ANC.
  • The deputy president promised to return and ensure houses were built and electricity was installed in the area. 

ANC deputy president David Mabuza has told residents of QwaQwa in the Free State to vote for the ANC because the party had brought them freedom. 

Mabuza wrapped up a two-day electioneering visit to the Free State on Wednesday. 

He drummed up support for the governing party telling residents of QwaQwa to never abandon the ANC and begged them to show up and vote for the party at the municipal elections on 1 November. 

Mabuza said the ANC of Nelson Mandela and Oliver Tambo was the same now as it was when both men led the party decades ago. 

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“Vote for the ANC, your organisation. The organisation of Nelson Mandela, Oliver Tambo and Albert Luthuli. It is still the same organisation today. The ANC got you freedom. Freedom did not just arrive, people died for this freedom. 

“The ANC is a big organisation and there are others who will come and go, but the ANC will remain,” Mabuza said. 

He was addressing residents during a campaign community meeting.

QwaQwa residents took turns telling Mabuza of the growing issues in the area. An elderly woman said she had been a supporter of the ANC for over 30 years and she was disappointed in the party because it failed to keep its promises. 

“I love the ANC, I have always loved it,” said the elderly woman. 

She told Mabuza: 

But now I have given up, there is nothing to be happy about the ANC. When you speak of the ANC we do not know who we are. When we elect people they forget about us. I am speaking here for myself. Help us ANC, stop betraying us.

A different woman said she had lived in a shack that leaked when it rained. Other residents complained of electricity connections and a lack of houses.

After listening to the complaints of residents, Mabuza promised the residents that he would be back with Eskom before the municipal elections so electricity meters could be installed. He also promised to return to ensure houses were built. 

“I will come here with Eskom even before the elections and sign with Eskom. Eskom will fit prepaid meters for you in your houses. 

“There are old people here who do not have houses and fear they will die before they get houses. These old women must get houses before they die,” Mabuza promised residents.


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