’Teddy Mafia’ son-in-law survives gangland hit

Durban – Chatsworth police have launched an investigation into the attempted hit on the son-in-law of slain gang kingpin Yaganathan “Teddy Mafia” Pillay.

On Wednesday shortly after 10am, gunmen opened fire on Kesevan Isaac Naidoo.

He was shot in the legs and taken to hospital.

The gangland shooting was captured on CCTV footage which showed the hitmen arrive in a white car ahead of the white SUV in which Naidoo was a passenger.

A woman is seen getting out of the SUV. Three gunmen get out of the white car. They approach and shoot at the SUV.

The SUV speeds away, nearly crashing into the gunmen’s car.

Ronnie Pillay, the brother of Yaganathan Pillay, told TimesLive that Naidoo was shot in his legs and the driver in the hand.

“Both of them survived. They’re in hospital,” he said.

Pillay said Naidoo was in the back seat while his wife was in the front.

Police spokesperson Colonel Thembeka Mbele said that two counts of attempted murder were opened and no arrests were made.

“This morning at 10am, a shooting occurred on Table Mountain Road in Shallcross. It is alleged that a vehicle with two occupants was travelling along Table Mountain Road when suspects began shooting at the occupants. The suspects, who were travelling in a white vehicle, fled from the scene,” said Mbele.

A bullet hole and blood on the vehicle Kesevan Isaac Naidoo – the son-in-law of Teddy Mafia – was travelling in bear silent witness to the attempted hit on his life.

“Both victims, aged 28 and 41, were taken to a local hospital where they remain in a stable condition.

“Two counts of attempted murder will be opened at Chatsworth police station for investigation.”

In January this year, Yaganathan Pillay was shot by assassins whom he invited into his home.

His killers, however, never made it out of the Shallcross area where Pillay had built a fortress and were beheaded and burnt in full view of the community. Videos of the beheading went viral on social media.

While no one has been arrested for his murder, police believe his death and the latest incident is linked to the control of the lucrative drug trade in Chatsworth.



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