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HYDERABAD: The recent killing of a wild boar and a blackbuck by two hunters in Kalaburagi is only a tip of the iceberg as Telangana-Karnataka border has become a favourite hunting ground of wild animals for shooters from Hyderabad.
Places like Bidar and Kalaburagi in Karnataka and Tandur and Vikarabad, which are close to Karnataka border, have emerged as top hunting spots for Hyderabad shooters. Confirming this, Chittapur forest range officer Vijay Kumar said: “The hunters come from Hyderabad and indulge in poaching of wild animals in Karnataka. That is why we have opposed bail for the two shooters in the recent case of poaching of blackbuck.”
Wasif Hassan and Ali Hussain, two shooters from Hyderabad, who were members of the Telangana Rifle Association, along with their driver Peer Ahmed and two local guides were arrested in Sedam taluka of Kalaburagi district on October 27 for hunting a blackbuck. Forest officials claimed the accused drove all the way from Hyderabad to Karnataka border to hunt.
In the last three years, several cases of poaching have been reported and foresters have even chanced upon foreign-made sporting rifles which are often used for hunting.
Expressing worry over the increasing trend of hunting for fun, Mirza Karim Baig of Forests and Wildlife Protection Society said: “Most of these professional hunters are well educated and come from well-to-do families. All of them possess arms licences. They don’t hunt to make money, but they are trigger-happy and want to eat wild animal meat.”
He said the government must take stringent action against these shooters by cancelling their weapon licences and seizing their arms. “The state should also revoke their membership in various sports shooting range associations,” he said.
Telangana State Wildlife Board member and wildlife consultant Rajeev Mathew said killing any animal would amount to poaching. “All animals are placed in schedules from 1 (highest protection) to 5 (vermin where the animals can be killed). Most animals are listed in schedules 1 to 4. Schedule 5 is reserved for rats, mice, house crows and fruit bats. Since hunting is banned in India, it is indulged in night which can be dangerous,” Mathew explained.
He further said even the killing of wild boar (termed culling) in Telangana and a few other states was allowed only with written permission of the forest authorities and the carcasses should be destroyed by burning or burying and they cannot be consumed.
“Those who want to hunt should visit countries in Africa, especially southern Africa, Europe and the Americas and enjoy the sport. Hunting is controlled and legal, so there is no problem there,” he said.


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