Potentially dangerous asteroid approaches Earth in December

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A potentially dangerous asteroid will approach Earth in December. (illustrative image)

We are surrounded by dangers In the universe. One of the most terrifying and deadly are the million asteroids that revolve around the solar system. As it is very difficult to map and track them, there is always the risk that, at this moment, an asteroid is traveling to our planet.

But what are asteroids? Is about rocky objects located in space, fragmented remains of other objects or bodies that, during the appearance of the solar system, did not grow enough to become planets.

It is estimated that there are at least 150 million asteroids more of 100 meters, with the potential to wreak havoc on our planet.

Of these known asteroids, I know estimates that 4,700 are potentially dangerous, a classification given to objects that can make risky passages around the Earth, taking into account both their distance and their magnitude.

What is the closest potentially dangerous asteroid to us?

The 17 of December from 2021, the asteroid (163899) 2003 SD220 will get very close to our planet. Observatories and telescopes are already tracking the object through space, and NASA just released its first image that we share below.

This image comes from a single 300-second exposure, taken remotely with the “Elena” robotic unit, part of the Virtual Telescope Project (NASA).

At the time the image was taken, this immense space rock was about 21 million kilometers Earth, slowly approaching us. Discovered on September 29, 2003, the asteroid has a diameter of 800 meters and the potential to cause a catastrophe If it hit our planet

At the closest point of approach, your distance will be only 5.4 million kilometers. This is the equivalent of 14 times the distance from the Moon; It may seem like a lot, but in astronomical terms it is a muscle distance.

Still, to our happiness, the general consensus is that we should not worry about anything. The asteroid’s path is safe and no risk of impact our planet. Better yet, its proximity will produce good observations and perhaps even help scientists to study and understand her CARACTERISTICS.

What’s more:
Near-Earth asteroid could be a fragment of the Moon

The image above was obtained through an initiative called The Virtual Telescope, that has robotic telescopes remotely accessible, whether for research purposes or not. This means that both scientists like the curious people they can access them and observe things that no one else has observed before.

With so many observing programs and telescopes open, it will be more difficult than an asteroid pass unnoticed through the night sky. The safety of our planet thanks.


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