See Cape Town from the seat of your couch

The entire world is doing its best to stay safe at home, so we decided to bring the world to you. Explore the streets of famous cities on a guided virtual walking tour, led by one of our CEOs (Chief Experience Officers).

Next stop: Cape Town!

Join Julian, a G Adventures CEO and proud South African, as he shows you the city’s most fascinating destinations, foodie hotspots, and so much more. Read below to learn a little about Julian and his home country before clicking the video below.

What’s your name, your hometown, and where do you lead tours?

Julian: My name is Julian, and my hometown is De Rust! I’ve led tours in South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania, Zanzibar, and Kenya.

How long have you been a CEO for G Adventures?

Julian: Since 2013, which makes it seven and a half years.

What is the one must-try local dish or drink?

Julian: Babotie, which is sweet mince curry.

Tell us one “secret,” not-to-be-missed spot on your tour, and why it’s so special.

Julian: Camping in the Delta, Botswana. I love making the Makoro trip (in a dugout canoe) into the Delta. Plus camping and just being surrounded by incredible wildlife is an unforgettable experience.

After travelling with you, what three words would you want your travellers to use to describe your city/region/country?

Julian: The three words I’d use to describe Cape Town are spectacular, diverse, and surprising!

What books/novels would you recommend to travellers who want to escape to your city/region/country via literature?

Julian: “Born a Crime” by Trevor Noah; “The Elephant Whisperer” by Lawrence Anthony; Sir Lawrence van der Post’s “The Lost World of the Kalahari; “The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency” series by Alexander McCall Smith; “The Game Ranger, the Knife, the Lion and the Sheep” by David Bristow.

What is YOUR favourite place to travel to (not including your region)?

Julian: South East Asia, Laos in particular. Sailing the Maldives was pretty spectacular too.

Thanks, Julian!

The G Adventures’ virtual walking tours series features a new destination each week, led by one of our expert CEOs. Using Google Maps and photos, CEOs will “walk” viewers around their location, sharing insider secrets, history and travel tips. Stay tuned for our upcoming walks!

Remember: stay home, stay kind, stay connected.


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